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Hey there! My name is Gaurang. While "Rang" is in my name, Rang also means "color" that represent the abundance of colors flowing naturally in my Indian heritage.

My passion for photography started in the late 90's when I took one single picture with my film camera of a tree standing tall with the background of the Grand Canyon. Since then, I started following the great photographer Ansel Adams' work and drawing inspirations from the amount of detail you can get from a black and white photograph.

Fast forward to 2008 when I bought my first Digital SLR, the Canon T1i. I picked up quite quickly some of those details from Ansel Adams portrays in his photos, but also in color. I was quite active for about 2 years before we welcomed our first child. So, I took a break from the events and portrait photography. That break continued as we welcomed a set of twins. And, now we had 3 kids under the age of 3 in diapers... Yikes!

Now that they are older, I started following my passion again. Photographing those special events such as weddings, birthday parties, sweet 16 or just family portraits brings so much joy to me and something that I can provide to all my clients.

I look forward to documenting your special day and adding joy and inspirations of my own to add to what I derived from Ansel Adams.

Speak to you soon...

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Jennifer and Chase

“Great photographer! He is very patient, friendly and pays attention to detail. He is very accommodating, flexible and easy going. He makes everyone involved feel comfortable. Excellent to work with! Great edits! My fiance and I just did our engagement shoot and it turned out great! Can't wait for our wedding!”

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